For almost 6 years I have worked on websites, digital campaigns, app designs and animations for agencies ClickedLast Exit and Draw. Working for clients such as The Body Shop, The History Channel and Je Joue. I have an excellent knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator, also skilled in Indesign and the wireframing tool, Balsamiq. Recently I have been teaching myself video editing and animation in After Effects, some examples of my experiments can be found here. I’m also capable of writing basic html and css, giving me a greater understanding of front-end development questions when on a project.

My skills include web design, illustration, storyboarding, wireframing, email design, brand development, identity design, typography and animation.

I’m adaptable and a quick learner, being able to pick up projects and help them to their conclusion. My optimistic outlook allows me to get along with almost anybody in the working environment, and being able to make a good cup of tea doesn’t hurt either.

When I’m not working, my interests include comic books, film and video games, which in turn influence my illustration style.

Take a look around the site and if you feel I’m the right person for the job then contact me. Or feel free to download my C.V