The Body Shop

Brazil nuts can help save the rainforest. But how can such a small nut make a difference? Enter Super Brazil Nut.

This looks like a job for…

Did you know that more money can be made from harvesting brazil nut oil, than from chopping down the trees they grow in? I didn’t.

The Body Shop approached us to create a video which would highlight the plight of the local community and the jungle environment in which they make their livelyhood.

Storyboards & design

Starting with a basic script and storyboards, we created a story and characters to populate this video. Super Brazil nut, the logger and all the jungle animals started life as illustrations before progressing to a digital format. Using textures to retain that paper-cutout look and feel.


Taking the hand-drawn illustrations and recreating them digitally. Giving characters a basic skeletal structure to help make them easier to animate.

Hardware: a really good HB pencil and eraser

Software: Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.


Passing my designs onto our animator, Katherine Murray-Clarke, the video began to take shape. Providing direction throughout the animating process, we created a visually bold tale that became The Body Shop’s most watched video at the time.